• 160 W4C Surfers a Week
  • 10 W4C Coaches Employed
  • Beach Surfer: Monwabisi
  • Site Launched: July 2012
  • Services Offered: Surf Therapy, Home Visits, School Visits, Social Worker, Soup Kitchen, Child and Youth Care training, Homework Support.

Khayelitsha is one of South Africa’s largest and fastest growing townships. Meaning “new home” in Xhosa, Khayelitsha has a population of over half a million people, with an estimated 40% of those being under the age of 19. The community also carries one of the highest HIV / TB burdens in the country with an estimated HIV prevalence of 30%. The community also has one of the highest community violence rates in the world. Youth unemployment in the community is estimated to be between 40-60%.

Monwabisi is the local beach and borders the Kuyasa community, a predominately informal settlement built on the dunes that back the beachfront. Waves for Change – Monwabisi formally opened in May 2012 following 6 months of consultation with local schools, community members, city health and Monwabisi lifesaving club.

Waves for Change – Khayelitsha is run out shipping containers set back from the beachfront at Monwabisi law enforcement compound.