The Wave Alliance initiative supports passionate people in bringing evidence-based positive well-being to their local coastal communities through surf therapy. By providing training, equipment, and mentoring, the Wave Alliance aims to increase access to locally-owned surf therapy programmes.

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What is it?

A 1 year incubator offering face to face training, remote support and equipment so you can turn your passion for surf therapy into local, evidence-based action! Our mission is to help you start your own evidence-based programme and improve the global evidence-base for Surf Therapy’s impact!  

How do I get involved?

If you would like to introduce a sustainable surf therapy programme to your local community, join us! You don’t need to know how to surf to start – you just need to be passionate about community well-being and interested in changing lives, one wave at a time. Begin by filling in this survey, and we’ll get in touch!

TWA - An Ocean for Everyone

If you would like to be a network and/or funding partner and help us create an ocean for everyone, we would love to work with you! Download our deck to find out more about our journey so far, our vision for the future, and how you can get involved by connecting us to local partners and supporting our costs.

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Wave Alliance Graduates

We are stoked to have worked with a range of individuals and organisations around the world to introduce impactful surf therapy programmes to their communities. These organisations are all on their surf therapy journey, delivering sessions, engaging their communities, and monitoring their programmes to create an evidence-based safe space of their own. Some have completed their first pilot programme cycle, and – with the support of the Wave Alliance team – written up their first evaluation reports, which you can download and read below, to hear their journey in their own words.

Olas del Alma (Argentina) Surf Therapy Report Waves for Hope (Trinidad and Tobago) Surf Therapy Report United Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone) Surf Therapy Report Olas y Sonrisa (costa Rica) Surf therapy report young leaders (sierra Leone) Surf therapy report Pipul pikin (sierra Leone) Surf therapy report JOY (SIERRA LEONE) SURF THERAPY REPORT MOSERAY FADIKA TRUST (SIERRA LEONE) SURF THERAPY REPORT MOSERAY FADIKA TRUST (SIERRA LEONE) SURF THERAPY REPORT Alto Peru (Peru) Surf Therapy Report