Our ‘Wave Alliance’ initiative helps passionate people bring the power of evidence-based Surf Therapy to their home coastlines. .

How I get involved

The criteria is simple. Are you passionate about Surf Therapy? Are you already engaged in community work? Do you live by the coast? Complete this survey and we will contact you within 5 working days to get going!


What is it?

A 1 year incubator offering face to face training, remote support and equipment so you can turn your passion for surf therapy into local, evidence-based action! Our mission is to help you start your own evidence-based programme and improve the global evidence-base for Surf Therapy’s impact!  

Wave Alliance Graduates

You don’t need to surf to join the Wave Alliance! You just need a passion for community development. Some of our graduates are surf clubs and surf schools, others are youth development organisations and individuals wanting to open a Surf Therapy programme..