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BBC report on Waves for Change

Can surfing beat gun crime in SA – a BBC report on Waves for Change We’re stoked to present the recent report from the BBC who spent some time at Waves for Change Khayelitsha earlier this year. The report looks at the impact of programming whilst following coach Gyver and some of the Elder participants […]

Can we surf ourselves into mental health?

Can we surf ourselves into mental health? Lwandile’s story… PUBLISHED BY NPR.ORG Lwandile Mnatanywa is zipping up his wetsuit. The tall, soft-spoken high school junior comes to Cape Town’s Monwabisi Beach almost every day after school and starts running when he sees the water. “I can see the waves are cooking, I will run fast […]

Only a surfer knows the feeling

“Only a surfer knows the feeling….” It’s a well-known phrase touted by surfers and surf brands alike but, although cliché, its importance lies at the very heart of Waves for Change. You could say that any fool can kick a football, pick up a bat and strike a ball. The entry level skill, or personal […]

From KFC to Surf Coach

From KFC to Surf Coach. The Real Story Behind The Cover Of Amaza Vol 2 There’s a hidden story behind the cover of AMAZA Vol 2. The man you see sliding onto a clean Muizenberg face is Waves for Change co-founder Apish Tshetsha. Just 2 years ago Apish’s life was on a very different path, […]

Changing Tides

Changing Tides: Ayabulela is Back in School Following 2 Years of Trauma We’re stoked to share the news that Ayabulela is back in school. Following a family trauma two years ago, Ayabulela developed learning and behavioural difficulties. When we met him last year he was 15 and had already been out of school for several […]

Escaping Khayelitsha’s Gangs

Escaping Khayelitsha’s Gangs: Tim Blogs on the Battle of W4C Participants to Leave the Gangs of Kuyasa “If you’re in, you can’t get out. They’ll come for you. They’ll kill you. If you want to get out, you gotta become a ghost. They can’t see you. You can’t go outside, can’t go to school….you can’t […]

From Gang Member to Peer Educator

From Gang Member to Peer Educator In July 2012 we opened our second Waves for Change site in Khayelitsha. It was an intimidating prospect, we were expanding the project for the first time and heading to a community with some very serious, and very real issues. In March 2012, 3 children at Esangweni School were […]

April Holiday Camps

April Holiday Camps – Bong’s Report from the Beach. W4C Mentor Coach Bongani Ndlovu reports back from this April’s W4C holiday camp for children from inner city townships in the Cape Waves for Change is proud to announce the success of the first holiday camp for the year which took place in Muizenberg over the […]