Waves for Change uses activities and games to encourage children and youth to practice behaviours which can help them feel calm, connected, and capable. Most of our activities take place at the beach, but what we practice can be used anywhere, anytime! Below are guides to some of our activities, which you can do at home, in your community, and in the classroom.

W4C Power hand

This activity helps us to name our strengths, so we feel resilient and STRONG. It can also help us to feel calm. Watch the video below, and

Download the step-by-step guide to building your Power Hand here.

W4C Take 5

This activity is short, simple breathing activity which we can use anywhere, anytime.

You can read the steps in English here

You can read the steps in Afrikaans here.

You can read the steps in isiXhosa here.

Then you can listen to the Take 5 read by W4C coaches in Afrikaans, isiXhosa and English.

Take 5 isiXhosa

Take 5 English

Take 5 Afrikaans

Take 5 Shona

Take 5 Body Scan isiXhosa

Take 5 Body Scan English

Take 5 Body Scan Afrikaans

Take 5 Senses isiXhosa

Take 5 Senses isiXhosa

Take 5 Senses Afrikaans

Take 5 Check In isiXhosa

Take 5 Check in English

Take 5 Check in Afrikaans

Build Your Power Hand isiXhosa

Build Your Power Hand English

Build Your Power Hand Afrikaans

Let’s be Bananas isiXhosa

Let’s be Bananas English

Let’s be Bananas Afrikaans

Take 5 Gratitude isiXhosa

Take 5 Gratitude English

Take 5 Gratitude Afrikaans

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