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Waves For Change Girls Leading the Blogging!

“Surfing is still not a mixed sport. No matter where you surf, the waves are always dominated by men. For the most part Women are pushed down the pecking order as their male counterparts push and shove their way onto the best waves of the day. Women surfers are gaining in number, but there’s a […]

Waves For Change Holiday Camps

Waves For Change Holiday Camps – Bong’s Report After a year of life skills training and after-school workshops the stage was finally set, the coaches and participants of Waves for Change were finally ready to end the year with a bang! I included, we were all getting ourselves excited for the 6 day camp where […]

A Participants View of Waves For Change

THE VOICE OF YOUTH: MICHELLE´S BLOG A PARTICIPANT´S VIEW OF WAVES FOR CHANGE Michelle (16) has been involved with Waves for Change since our early days – at the back end of 2011. As the first female surfer to emerge from her community she is a great role model to her peers. Waves for Change […]

Smaller Pieces of a Bigger Puzzle

W4C Founder Tim Conibear blogs about Thera – a W4C participant attached to a Kuyasa gang. It´s been a long while since I was last called into a Headmaster´s office. It´s nice to know the feeling remains the same: feeling dwarfed by the man opposite you, sinking into the chair shrouded by an immediate sense […]

A Cure for Aids?

Apish is head of coaching for the Waves for Change programme. He is also currently completing the Laureus Sport for Good YES programme, for young leaders in South Africa. His hero is Steve Biko, hence the title of his blog. Waves for Change is making waves among the dusty streets of Masiphumelele. It is making […]

With Good Supporters The Sky is the Limit

Sam blogs from the coach training day held at Table Mountain last week. Some people say they can do it on their own. I was always one of these people, I always believed I never needed support, but what I have come to learn this week is that however strong you think you are, there […]

Laureus Visit

Apish Blogs on Laureus Visit Greetings world! My name is Apish Tshetsha born in Eastern Cape and raised in Western Cape. I live in Masi shortened from ‘’Masiphumelele’’ meaning we should succeed, Masi is a township about 40 kilometers from Cape Town. It is a multiracial township where people are moving in different directions in […]