Inspiring Minds

Sam is 19 years old. Originally from Gugulethu, she has been with Waves for Change since June of 2012 and is our first female coach. We are proud to have Sam with us on the team, she´s a strong character from a tough environment and it´s been good to see her stand up to the many challenges that confront young females in South African townships. It´s not been easy, but Sam is developing into a strong leader for the girls in the W4C programme. This is her first blog.

I wish I could have a big surf board that can carry all the young girls, so that we can all share the same wave. The feeling of catching that first wave without standing. It takes time I know, but we will be there for each other, holding each other’s hands. Just imagine when we stand for the first time (Akumnandi), its wonderful. We can break the stigma that says surfing is for guys.

Do you know what that big surf board represents? A dream. A dream of being successful. If we can all share a dream, we can all share in the success. We can break the wall that says women can’t do ‘guy things’. But we can’t achieve all this if we don’t support each other.

Surfing has done a lot for me. I have respect in my community and I am proud to say that I am a Xhosa woman with a dream. I am South African, I am African, born on a continent of many talents and dreams.

Together we are stronger. Together we can succeed.


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