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Vulnerable young people are referred into a one year surf therapy course. They attend one surf therapy session weekly for one year. Their session is after school, or during the school day, depending on their risk-profile. After one year, they graduate to a W4C weekend surf club, where they get lifelong access to the ocean and further skills training, building a pathway from childhood to adulthood

  • Transport R30 per/day
  • Food R20 per/day
  • Wetsuit and board R20 per/day
  • Graduation pack at end of course: R100
  • Total cost per/child for one year of surf therapy: R6,500


W4C Mentor Image

W4C mentors are youth from the same or similar under-resourced communities as our participants, who work with W4C for two years mentoring children in our surf therapy programme. They are trained in lifesaving, first aid, and surf coaching, and receive weekly debriefing from child psychologists. Mentors increase child support services in areas where social services are under-funded and overstretched.

  • Transport R500 per/month
  • Training R500 per/month
  • Stipend R4,500 per/month
  • Total cost per/mentor R4,500 p/month or R54,000 per/year
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